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The "What comes next?" for financial technology

The era of emerging technologies shouldn’t be taken lightly. Upstarts and incumbents are now in an active race to optimize legacy businesses and develop entirely new revenue models. StockTwits Future Forum is the cumulation of this battle. The highly anticipated event series focuses on “What comes next?” for financial technology. The series will be attended by some of StockTwits’ most influential community members and partner companies, as well as well-known names from the financial technology and investing industries. Some of the topics to be discussed include; ‘State of the Markets’, trading methods & technologies, financial education, security and compliance, EMS & OMS, and more.

Future Forum Agenda

Experience a day with influential experts in financial technology and investing industries.

45 minute Welcome (Drinks/Hors d’ oeuvres)

5 minute Event/Speaker Introductions

15-30 minute Speaker/Panel

30 minute Reception (More drinks)

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